Server error: Tesla vehicles could not be opened remotely

[German]On November 19, 2021 owners of a Tesla electric car have smaller problems. The unlocking of the vehicles via smartphone app probably no longer works worldwide due to server errors. Vehicle owners will then have to resort to either Bluetooth or an (NFC) key to open the vehicles.


On Twitter, messages are piling up from Tesla owners who are having problems opening the vehicle remotely. The following tweet sums up one user's issue. The man gets the server error 500 and asks if others have the same.

The following graphic from shows that there are suddenly many error messages for the Tesla portal.

It looks like server issues are preventing the remote unlock of a Tesla. Bleeping Computer colleagues have gathered some information in this article. This server failure prevents owners from unlocking the car via the app, and it reports an incorrect location of the car.


While some Tesla models can be unlocked via Bluetooth from a smartphone, via a key card or via key fobs, other models do not have the "phone key" feature and can only be opened via the app. "Not for the Model S or X – they don't have the phone key feature. Should have saved 60k and bought the Model S," said another owner on the Teslamotorsclub forum. Progress is just expensive.

Other Tesla owners report that the NFC fob to unlock the car broke.  Then the app is the only option to unlock the Tesla. And that option doesn't really work during server outages. 

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