Chrome/Edge crashes in Citrix VDI/TS

[German]A quick question for administrators who use Citrix VDI/TS for virtualization and have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as their browser. There are reports that there are crashes in the clients. Can anything be confirmed and is a solution known?


I came across the following tweet back on December 1, 2021, in which Julian Mooren raises the issue. He works as a consultant in this area and reports that they received a lot of mails from clients. 

Customers report crashes of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in a VDI/TS environment. Workaround can be to use the incognito mode of the browser. Another workaround is to store the files under:

User Data\Default\Preferences

in the user profile. It seems that files stored there are causing the problems. There is this support post from Citrix that addresses the browser content redirection extension for Chrome version 5.3. This extension causes Chrome to open and immediately close. This can also cause users to get a temporary profile. There recommendation is to disable the Citrix BCR extension. In this tweet, Mooren confirms that this should help. Caspar Johannsen also named the Citrix BCR Extension (v5.3) as a cause of crashes in this tweet.

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