iOS 15.1 and the slow calendar app

[German]Since Apple released iOS 15.1 for suitable devices (see iOS 15.1 released), users have complained that the devices have become unusable for certain apps. The Calendar app in particular seems to be extremely slow to respond, as users also discuss in the Apple forums. 


German blog reader Tom has mentioned the issue within this German comment – thanks. I don't use any Apple devices anymore, so I don't know what's going on. If you search the web for terms like "iOS 15.1 slow calendar app" or similar, you will get numerous hits. In the US Apple communities, reports (see here and here) about this problem are piling up. 

iOS 15.1 Calendar app is laggy and unreliable

When swiping between days, data often shows up as stale (events on the wrong day, or events at the "right" time but with wrong title).

Keeping the same day view open for up to 10 seconds seems to correct the issue (temporarily). This appears to be some kind of caching bug.

(This was *not* an issue in 15.0, 15.0.1 or 15.0.2. I have one MS Exchange calendar and three Google calendars.)

This has been reported by others as well: OS 15.1 Beta

And here is a 2nd thread from Apple's communitywith this issue:

calendar is slow to respond after update to ios 15.1 on iphone XSmax

calendar is slow to respond after update to ios 15.1 on iphone XSmax

I found a tip, to disable or delete the calendar app once in the settings and enable it again. Then it should work again. On November 14, 2021, someone published the articleFix iOS 15.1 slow Calendar issue, which at least promises some workarounds. An iOS downgrade, as suggested there, will not be possible in the meantime. Are you affected?

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