SonicWall: 2Y22 bug affects email security products

Sicherheit (Pexels, allgemeine Nutzung)[German]In early January 2022, Microsoft Exchange gave administrators a scare because of a Year 2022 bug. But SonicWall also has a Year 2022 problem with its email security appliance, as I mentioned here on the blog. On Jan. 1, 2022, certain features in products there went on strike. Now the vendor has acknowledged in an announcement that this bug is affecting its email security products.


Flashback to early January 2022

On, there was a timely post Sonicwall Y2K22 bug that hinted at its year 2022 problem). The reddit post reported that the Sonicwall email security appliance stopped updating its mail flow logs and junk box after Jan. 1, 2022. So administrators no longer had access to the security features in question and their logs for tracking inbound and outbound email traffic. The firewall was also having trouble sorting out junk mail. I had reported on this issue in a timely manner in the blog post SonicWall E-Mail Security Appliance has also a Year 2022 Bug.

SonicWall support post and community discussion

German blog readers had then posted a link to the community discussion Email Security Junk Box & Message Log Update Issues (Y2K22 Bug) and the support article SonicWALL ESA 5000 not displaying Inbound/Outbound message audit log support post (thanks for that). On January 2, 2022, SonicWall provided updates for the North American and European instances of its cloud-based Hosted Email Security. The support post was updated again on January 7, 2022, because updates are now available for the on-premises instances of the software (Email Security Appliance, ES 10.0.15 and Junk Store 7.6.9). This now states:

Starting January 1, 2022, SonicWall Email Security products began experiencing an issue causing junk box and message log updates to fail. Administrators and email users will face the following two issues:

  • Inability to access junk box or un-junk new emails
  • Inability to trace the incoming/outgoing emails through message logs

SonicWall customers using the following Email Security or firewall products should make note of the below updates:

  • Hosted Email Security: FULLY PATCHED – The fix was deployed in North America and Europe instances on Jan. 2. No action is needed from Hosted Email Security customers.
  • Email Security Appliance: FIX RELEASED – ES 10.0.15 is available for download via Customers using Email Security Appliance (On-Prem) should upgrade their firmware to ES 10.0.15. Upgrade to ES 10.0.15 will automatically start the database rebuild and the process can take a few hours to complete depending on the amount of data. Junk Box emails and Message Logs will be displayed accurately after the database is fully rebuilt. Please refer to the knowledge base (KB) article for guidance on firmware upgrade.
  • Firewall Anti-Spam Junk Store: FIX RELEASED – Customers using Anti-Spam Junk Store functionality on firewalls running SonicOS 6.x should upgrade to the latest Junk Store 7.6.9. Junk Store 7.6.9 installer is posted under SonicOS 6.5.x firmware in MySonicWall downloads section for TZ, NSA and SOHO platforms. Customers using SonicOS 7.x on any platform are not impacted.

In addition, there is a support post Email Security Junk Box & Message Log Update Issues – Y2K22 Bug dated January 7, 2022 that revisits the issue. In the list above you can see for which products updates are available and where administrators do not need to take action.

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