Bug: Can't add new contacts to outlook.com

[German]No idea if anyone from the readership uses outlook.om. As I just read, the web variant of Outlook seems to have a bug since a short time, which results in users not being able to create contacts anymore.


I don't use Outlook myself, neither as a Win 32 app, nor do I use my outlook.com test account productively. Therefore I don't get much information about problems. But Martin Geuß became aware of the problem through problem descriptions in the German forum of Dr. Windows. One user left this German forum entry, that says.

Hello all,

in the outlook.live.com web version the button +Add NEW CONTACT is missing.

Maybe someone has an idea how I can add a new contact via the web page now?


The problem was also confirmed there by other users – I myself called my test account (above picture) and could not find anything either. Martin Geuß then investigated the whole thing a bit more closely and came across this post with similar content at Paul Thorrott.

Outlook.com add contact button

I'm seeing weird behavior in outlook.com (personal, not corporate). When I'm on the people page, there's no add contact button. I had to add a contact on my phone in the browser there because I couldn't find the button in the desktop browser on outlook.com. There's supposed to be a button, but I don't see it. I tried in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. Anyone else seeing this behavior, or am I not seeing the button?

In the above thread some workarounds are described. Martin then discussed the issue within this German post on Dr. Windows and subsequently informed the Outlook team about the problem on Twitter.  If you are affected by this bug and need a quick workaround, you can find some hints in this post.

Addendum: German reader Daniel L. sent me a hint on Facebook about another workaround (thanks for that).


An update on the Outlook.com problem: A contact can also be added via the Microsoft Edge add-in "Microsoft Outlook". The add-in is also available for Google Chrome.

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