Windows 10: Update KB5001716 for update service components (Feb. 2022)

Windows[German]Microsoft has released the update KB5001716 for machines with older Windows 10 versions. The update updates the Update Service components so that the machine can be updated to a newer Windows 10 build. Here's a brief overview of what the update does and how it gets onto machines.


Update KB5001716  is titled "Update for Windows Update Service Components" and is available for the following Windows 10 versions:

  • Windows 10, Version 1809

  • Windows 10, Version 1903

  • Windows 10, Version 1909

  • Windows 10, Version 2004


  • Windows 10, Version 20H2

The purpose of this update is to get machines that have failed a Windows 10 feature update, and have support expiring or expired, to upgrade after all. This update is automatically downloaded and installed by Windows Update. However, Microsoft writes that the latest Servicing Stack Update (SSU) should be installed before this update is installed.

Once this update is installed, Windows checks to see if support for the currently installed version of Windows is about to expire or has already reached the end of support. If this is the case, Windows 10 will attempt to download and install a feature update to the device. This is to ensure continued support for the machine running Windows 10.

In addition, this update allows Windows to periodically display a notification that informs the user of issues that prevent Windows Update from keeping the system up to date. For example, there may be a notification that the device is currently running a version of Windows whose support lifecycle has expired. Or the user may be informed that the device does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for the currently installed version of Windows 10.  (via)

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17 Responses to Windows 10: Update KB5001716 for update service components (Feb. 2022)

  1. Thor the Viking says:

    >support lifecycle

    MS copies EVERYTHING that Apple does, even their worst atrocities and offensive campaigns.

    We need an alternative, something more consistent than WankOS …. ehhhh, Linux

  2. Waewmanee Khason says:

    My laptop is running slow. Maybe I need some software to repair and update. My operating system is windows 10 KB5001716.

    • dc devils says:

      sorry man. should've turned off windows updates. yes, there is a way. no, nobody is going to steal anything from you you can't get back if you do. its 2022. i went from %1 ram to %80 in the hour it took for this dumb thing to sneak up on me and now ive got to go on and undo it. there is a way. get your moneys worth

  3. Bill says:

    For anyone running to a problem with this KB causing an 0x80070643 error, if the machine is running 20H2 the fix is to upgrade it. I upgraded my Win10Pro machine and it solved the KB install error. I used this upgrade link:

  4. Advertising

  5. Peter says:

    Thanks for the link, great help

  6. Inquisitor says:

    Thanks 4 the help Bill :) The Update solved the issue.

  7. Ramsey Arthur Davis says:

    Wonderful! Solved my month-long issue after looking at dozens of sites, blogs, etc. Thank you

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