Windows Server 2022: Fix for Remote Desktop problems with update KB5011497

Windows[German]A brief note for Windows Server 2022 administrators who are experiencing issues after installing the March 8, 2022 security update KB5011497. This update can cause serious issues with remote services, because certain roles are no longer available after installing this update. I have received now a tip for a solution by a blog reader.


Issues with update KB5011497

I had covered it in the blog post Patchday: Windows 11/Server 2022 updates (March 8, 2022). As of March 8, 2022, Microsoft has released cumulative update KB5011497 for Windows Server 2022. Shortly after the release of this security update, German blog reader Sebastian R. had contacted me via email and reported problems. After installing the Windows updates, the remote connections did not work anymore. Sebastian writes about the error pattern that it was noticed quite quickly that Windows services belonging to the roles mentioned above were missing on both systems. Specifically, the following services were missing:

  • Remote Desktop Connection Broker (see)
  • Remote Desktop Management (might be RDS)

So the reader checked the installed Windows roles and it turned out that the Remote Desktop Connection Broker role is not installed at all, or is detected as no longer installed. Reinstalling didn't fix the issue. So the error is reproducible and was only fixable by uninstalling the above update.

I had covered the problem in the article Windows Server 2022: March 2022 update KB5011497 breaks remote desktop gateway role. In addition, the German language version of the article is linked at the top of this post. After publishing I have received feedback on both articles confirming this observation. On Facebook, I also got feedback from two administrator groups that there were problems there as well.

Also blog reader Gabriele Del Giovine also writes that update KB5011497 also breaks features such as Server Manager, Event Viewer, and any features that rely on some APIs that access the Windows protocols.

Fix: Install .NET4.8 Update KB5011258

Blog reader Claus and Jonas from Denmark then left a comment (thanks for that) and wrote,  a colleague of him had opened a support request at Microsoft because of the problems and then got an explanation. Microsoft "forgot" to check a necessary requirements for this update. The errors outlined above occur when the .NET4.8 update KB5011258 from February 4, 2022 is missing.

This update is missing on freshly installed machines. The reader writes that affected admins should install the .NET4.8 update KB5011258. Then the error should be gone. The update can be downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog.


Addendum: The issue is still open with April 12, 2022 security patches, see Windows Server 2022: Update KB5012604 breaks Remote Desktop Gateway.

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17 Responses to Windows Server 2022: Fix for Remote Desktop problems with update KB5011497

  1. Alex S. says:

    Installing update KB5011258 did not help me. Removing all desktop services and then reinstalling them helps.

  2. Robert Gijsen says:

    We ran into this issue too. However, installing KB5011258 before installing KB5011497 didn't work for us. The RD Gateway service was still there and functional, but the broker role was still gone. On both of our HA brokers. So having no broker role means no management of the whole RDS deployment anymore. I had to roll back to a snapshot from before KB5011497 to get it back running.
    How I long for the days that MS products actually had proper QA. Took me quite a while yesterday during our maintenance to actually understand that this update breaks these roles. What a trainwreck with MS the last couple of years. Roughly about one out of two months at least something breaks with the updates in our environments. Be it printing, AppV, VBScript (yes, it's still very usefull in some places)… And now this. And don't get me started on Windows 11, or the fact that we are over half a year with Server 2022 now, but VMM STILL not supporting it… What a mess. Imagine VMWare releasing VMWare 9 or whereever they are, and having VCenter not support it for half a year. Those things only happen with MS. What a mess.

  3. Fabien G. says:

    I tried to install KB5011258 before KB5011497 too. It looks like to fix event log and server manager issues (instead waiting few days) but still breaks RDCB role.

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  5. Austin says:

    We have the same issue on 2022. Rebuilt the server and installed KB5011258 first. Still can't install RDCB with the error below.

    The post installation configuration did not complete. Could not create the Windows Management Instrumentation Windows Firewall exception on RDS.DOMAIN.LOCAL. Could not create the Windows Management Instrumentation Windows Firewall exception on RDS.DOMAIN.LOCAL. System.Management.Automation.RemoteException: '/c' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    at Microsoft.RemoteDesktopServices.Management.Cmdlets.CommonUtils.ExecutePowerShellScriptShowError(String serverName, String script, Object argumentList)
    at Microsoft.RemoteDesktopServices.Management.Cmdlets.CommonUtils.OpenFirewallPort(String serverName)

    • Austin says:

      I have a case open with Microsoft 2204010040004776. I have even demonstrated the fault by building a new unpatched server, enabling RDS which works, then patching it which breaks it!

      Microsoft say "no bug" as they can't recreate it in there lab :(

      I'm four days down down and the customer is going crazy. You can't uninstall the servicing stacks to roll back either.

      PS I even tried with Windows 2019 but it gives exactly the same issue.

      • netzwerkleute says:

        have you tried to remove the Remote Desktop Connection Broker role (leaving everything else installed)? Or to install RDSH roles the manual way without RDCB? This gives us the ability to get it back working without any problems in sigle RDSH environments. (Works with update from march and without) We're waiting for a new update from MS to install the role back to the systems.

  6. Steven S says:

    I have the same issue, new Windows 2022 VM, after the update problems with the RDP, this is a new deployment, and cost me 3 fresh installations to finally find the issue is due to the Windows update. Complete waste of 7 hours of work.
    Installing the KB5011497 and after that the KB5011497 won't help, RDP is still not working. Unbelivable that Microsoft still releases this update :-(

    Event id 1280: Remote Desktop Services failed to join the Connection Broker on server
    Error: Current async message was dropped by async dispatcher, because there is a new message which will override the current one.

    Overview: There are no RD Connection Broker Server in the Server pool.

    • Wessel C says:

      Same problem as Steven over here.

      Tried everything inside this blog but without succes.. Even the April update didn't workout for us.. Anyone maybe some other solutions or things to try?

      P.S. The weird thing with our RDP VM is also that it shows that the update is installed in the history, but cannot find the update to delete in the update overview.. Even when we download the KB March update manually we can't install it and shows the following error: This update isn't available for server 2022..

      All help is welcome! Thanks!

      • guenni says:

        I don't have a solution – but did you read my latest article – see my addendum/link at the articles end above – and also note also my remark within this article about the offer from Suson Bradley, who offered to open a support case for an affected admin.

  7. Robert Gijsen says:

    KB5012604 still breaks the broker role for us, it doesn't matter which .NET patches I install or not. Broker role gets busted. What a shitshow… Second month in a row our internet faced servers cannot be updated.

  8. rleung says:

    I had the same issue on Windows Server 2022. RDP stopped working after the latest April patch. When I removed the patch, I could RDP to the server. Reinstalled the patch and RDP stopped. Then I decided to stop the TrendMicro AV services…and RDP worked again!!! So now we're going to log a ticket with TrendMicro.

    • Ines M. says:

      Thank you, I had the same issue too. Uninstall Trend Micro solved it. Have you an answer from Trend Micro?

    • Manu says:

      Avez vous eu une réponse de Trend Micro, j'ai eu le meme problème.
      Désinstallation de Trend Micro Apex One et c'est résolu.

  9. Sebaslag says:

    Same problem here but i dont have Trend Micro.

  10. 2Deep2Dive says:

    If the issue continues (had it after installing Jun updates)
    Disable IPv6, and reboot the server it will work

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