Windows 11 upgrade block due to Internet Explorer 11 issue

Windows[German]Here is a short addendum from last week. Microsoft has released an information for Windows 10 users on March 31, 2022, regarding issues upgrading to Windows 11. The issue is that Internet Explorer 11 causes problems after the upgrade if the browser is set as default. Then information saved after the upgrade cannot be accessed. The upgrade to Windows 11 was therefore blocked, till the issue has been fixed.


Microsoft has published the information on March 31, 2022 in the Windows 11 Health Status dashboard and writes about the error:

After upgrading to Windows 11, saved information and data from Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) might not be accessible if you did not accept to import it into Microsoft Edge before the upgrade.

This occurs when Internet Explorer 11 is still used as the default browser, or is the primary browser used, and then the upgrade is to be made from Windows 10 to Windows 11. It is then suggested to import the saved information and data from Internet Explorer 11 into Microsoft Chromium Edge before the upgrade. However, anyone who refuses to do this will have the problem after the upgrade that the IE 11 data can no longer be accessed. Microsoft says in a note about this:

If you have accepted to import your IE11 information and data into Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 before upgrading to Windows 11, your device should not be affected by this issue.

The issue only concerns the upgrade scenario from Windows 10 clients to Windows 11 (21H2), if the above conditions apply. In my opinion, I guess this scenario is restricted mainly to corporate environments, where Internet Explorer 11 remains the default browser for compatibility reasons – for private users, Microsoft Chromium Edge should have been the default browser for a long time (without intervention), so that the problems do not occur.

Microsoft classifies this error as so serious that a compatibility lock has been set for the devices affected by this problem. If the company uses Update Compliance, the protection ID is 37820326. This compatibility lock is intended to prevent users from installing Windows 11 or being offered it via Windows Update and then having their IE 11 data inaccessible. The issue spontaneously reminded me of my blog post Windows 10 20H2-Upgrade: Microsoft Edge Downgrade as Pitfall.

Microsoft is working on a solution and plans to provide an update in one of the next versions of Microsoft Edge. The problem should then be fixed for devices that have not yet been updated, as well as for devices that have already been updated to Windows 11 without accepting the import of IE11 data into Edge. (via)


Addendum: TheUpgrade block has been removed, if the recommended conditions are fulfilled. This issue was resolved in Microsoft Edge 99.0 for devices upgrading to Windows 11 and devices that have already upgraded to Windows 11. The safeguard hold has been removed as of March 31, 2022 for devices which have updated to Microsoft Edge 99.0 and later.

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