Citrix Fix for broken MS Teams call in VDA

Citrix has provided a fix for the issue in that MS Teams calls do not work in its VDA environment. Users are unable to complete a call from Microsoft Teams.


I became aware of the issue via the following tweet, which was posted by Citrix in this support post (MS Teams call not working. Error "Still connecting to remote devices. Calling is not available yet").  

  • Users cannot complete a call and Microsoft Teams no longer displays the optimized message ("Citrix HDX optimized").
  • The issue can be reported in a single session and in multi-session VDAs with CVAD versions 2112 CR and 2203 LTSR, and 1912 CU4 and CU5. [CVADHELP-17758]

The issue has been fixed with 1912 CU6, 2203 CU1, and 2206. The publicly available hotfix is available as an .exe file. Details can be found in the support article.

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