Firefox 102.0 and esr, as well as 91.11esr released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have released the versions 102.0 (also as ESR version) as well as the 91.11esr of the Firefox browser on June 28, 2022. Firefox 102 is a new development branch, while 91.11esr is a maintenance update that fixes critical vulnerabilities.


Firefox 102.0 and 102.0esr

Firefox 102.0 is a new development branch and also the basis for the esr version with extended support. According to the release notes, the June 28, 2022 update brings the new features listed below: 

  • You can now disable the automatic opening of the download panel every time you start a new download.
  • Firefox now defuses tracking of query parameters when navigating websites in strict ETP mode.

and the following fix:

When using a screen reader on Windows, pressing Enter to activate an item no longer fails or clicks the wrong item and/or another application window. For the blind or those with very limited vision, this technology reads aloud what is on the screen and users can customize it to their needs (now on our platform with no bugs).

There is also improved security by outsourcing audio decoding to a separate process with stricter sandboxing, improving process isolation. Furthermore, various security vulnerabilities described here are corrected by the new version. Some vulnerabilities are classified as critical. For companies, various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented.

Firefox 91.11esr

Furthermore, the Firefox 91.11esr version (esr=Extended Support Release) of the browser was released. According to the release notes, this release contains only the security fixes described here. Firefox 91 ESR will no longer be supported after September 20, 2022. Firefox 102 is the new extended support release (ESR).

The new Firefox and ESR variants can be downloaded from this web page for various platforms (choose the variant from the list boxes that appear).


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