ACCDE/MDE Bug (VBA Library Error ) in Access 2013/2016 fixed?

[German]Brief information for Microsoft Access users who have been suffering from an Access ACCDE/MDE bug introduced via update for weeks. Microsoft has also fixed the VBA library bug in Access for these versions with updates KB5002248 for Office 2016 and KB5002250 for Office 2013. Here is some information about the bug and the updates.


Bug since July 2022 updates

I had pointed out the problem in Access, caused by July 12, 2022, updates, after reader mentioned that in comments within my German blog, within the blog post Office updates destroys Access run time and apps. It affects all Access users, whether using Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2013/2016, etc. When calling a form in Access package, the following error is reported: 

You have entered the expression On Load as the event property setting. This expression has caused an error: Requested class library or wizard is not a VBA project.

In the support article Error when trying to open an ACCDE/MDE file created in a different version of Access, Microsoft confirmed that the bug was caused with the July 12, 2022 updates to all versions of Access. Since that date, Microsoft has been working on fixing the bug and announced updates for the Click-2-Run and MSI versions.

Updates for Office 2013/2016 with fix

As of August 2, 2022, Microsoft then released the following monthly updates for the MSI versions of Office 2013 and 2016 (see Microsoft Office Updates (2. August 2022)). 

  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 (KB5002248)
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB5002250)

Both updates only fix the problem where users get an error message with the status "Requested type library or wizard is not a VBA project" when opening an ACCDE or MDE file in Microsoft Access. Blog reader AHeyne had already pointed this out in this comment (thanks for that). For an overview of when updates for other Access versions will be released, see the post Release dates for Access ACCDE/MDE bug (VBA library bug) fixes. Final question for those affected: Is the bug really fixed with the above updates?

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