Edge 106.0.1370.37 with bug fixes; failed start issue not fixed

Edge[German]Short addendum: Microsoft has updated the Edge browser in the stable channel to version 106.0.1370.37 on October 6, 2022. Is a bug fix update that is supposed to fix bugs in the Edge 106.0.1370.34 released on October 3, 2022. But I got reports, that the Edge start problem, observed in Edge 106.0.1370.34, is still present – there is a workaround known. Here is a brief overview of the current version and Edge 106.0.1370.34.


Edge Version 106.0.1370.37

Microsoft had to upgrade the previous Edge version 106.0.1370.34 after just three days. In terms of "best practice", the release notes from Redmond don't really give anything away. It only says: Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Locking Back: Edge 106.0.1370.3 policies changes

Within the release notes for Edge 106.0.1370.34, Microsoft lists the following new policies that are introduced starting with this version: 

In addition, Microsoft declares the following policies as deprecated

The following two policies are now obsoleted:

Edge 106.0.1370.34 comes also with two slight Feature Updates: More reliable web defense and Increased Work Results in the Microsoft Edge addr, detailed within the release notes.


Edge won't launch

Shortly after release of Edge 106.0.1370.34 I got a user report from German blog reader Daniela, that the browser won't launch after update.

Since Tuesday (Oct. 4, 2022) we have had calls from customers again, where the problem, addressed within the blog post  Microsoft Edge 105.0.1343.25 (September 1, 2022) – fail to start after update, occurs again after the latest update. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Within my German blog post I addressed an issue, caused by changed policies. Users with the old MetricsReportingEnabled policy set were affected by this startup issue at the time. Susan Bradley had suggested in that tweet that the O&Oshutup tool had set this registry entry – I can't verify it. The fix linked in the old article, which was also confirmed by Microsoft developers, was:

Just run the registry editor and let it search for the registry entries with MetricsReportingEnabled. Delete the affected entries from the registry.

To do this, run the registry editor regedit.exe as a normal user (do not use Run as administrator) and then go to the key:


There you should then delete the MetricsReportingEnabled entry. After this entry has been removed, the updated Edge browser should also start again. If this does not help, try the same in the registry path:


where the MetricsReportingEnabled entry is to be deleted. Here it is important to call the registry editor regedit.exe via context menu Run as administrator, otherwise the entry cannot be deleted.

After publishing the German edition of this article, I got feedback from readers, that the issue still occur in Edge 106.0.1370.37, so the registry fix is necessary, if affected. 

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2 Responses to Edge 106.0.1370.37 with bug fixes; failed start issue not fixed

  1. EP says:

    Edge 106.0.1370.42 released Mon. Oct. 10 as recently noted on the release notes

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you so much. This worked!
    This'll be the last pass I give to Edge though. Both 105 and 106 had bugs that prevented them from even launching. It won't be worth the time to fix a 3rd time.

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