Microsoft offers Update KB5018421 for Windows Server 22H2 …

Update[German]Microsoft has published security updates for Windows on October 11, 2022 – among others also the update KB5018421 for Windows Server 2022. So far so good – but now they already offer a security update for "Windows Server 22H2" – whereby it is unclear to me what this is about. It seems also that a new category with this name has been established in WSUS.


German blog reader Thorsten pointed this out in this comment. Within the Microsoft Update Catalog there are two update packages listed by Microsoft for two server variants – once "Microsoft Server operating system-21H2" and also "Microsoft Server Operating System-22H2" (see the screenshot below).

Update KB5018421 für Windows Server 22H2

Any of you have an idea what this could mean? Is there a "yearly update" for Windows Server 2022 in the making, which once slipped out accidentally? At least German blog reader Siegfried B. writes here:

I would also like to know. If I click on the link in the update catalog, I get to the patch notes for Windows Server 2022. "Microsoft Server Operating System-22H2" is also a new category in WSUS.

Another user shared the following screenshot with me on FB showing the WSUS categories.

WSUS: Windows Server 22H2


As Siegfried B wrote: Googling has brought nothing. But maybe someone of you has an idea – possibly it is the continuation of the September topic from my blog post WSUS chaos: Preview updates for Windows and Net withdrawn as superseded on 9/21/2022.

PS: It shouldn't actually be the Windows 10 22H2, since this is a client operating system. And all new server versions are supposed to be LTSC – the last semi-annual version was Windows Server 20H2, which is already out of support.

Addendum: I've raised the question on Twitter – but till now, the question hasn't been answered satisfactorily.

Addendum 2: The case are getting traction, Brandon LeBlanc has answerded:

Not sure but my guess is its a typo that mixes up Windows 11 version 22H2 with Windows Server 2022. Will have to look into it.

Windows Server 22H2

Another Microsoft employee @ariaupdated reached out and said it was an update for the Azure Stack HCI, which is updated once a year and applies to virtual machines in the Azure Cloud. This update is not available for on-premises servers. I pointed out that this was confusing – and she now wants to have this described more clearly by the people responsible …

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  1. Peter Pancir says:

    I set up a question on the MS Q&A forum some months ago. No one could answer for sure, but one answer is also "Azure Stack HCI version 22H2 (OS Build 20349)."

    New Product: Microsoft Server Operating System-22H2. What is it?

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