Microsoft Store Apps: EXE and MSI now also allowed in Windows Store for Business

Windows[German]Previously, apps that had to be made available in the Windows Store for Business for Windows had to be made available there as UWP apps or in MSIX format as packages. Otherwise, the apps were rejected. This restriction seems to have fallen now, as I could see from a message on November 30, 2022 in Microsoft's Techcommunity. Microsoft has probably upgraded WinGet and Intune accordingly.


I became aware of this fact via the following tweet, which was published in the Techcommunity post Updates to Windows App Management in Intune with Winget.

Microsoft Store Apps: Auch EXE- und MSI zulässig

In the post, a Microsoft employee describes steps for importing and publishing apps to Intune without having to search for the packages – including EXEs and MSIs, self-installing apps via the enterprise portal, and best practices for a smooth transition when administrators use Windows Store for Business.

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