StackOverflow survey: Developers often use Linux systems

[German]The platform StackOverflow conducts an annual survey among its user base to find out where the focus of its members lies. The results are quite exciting in terms of the programming languages used, the cloud provider, the frameworks used or the operating system used for development. Linux, for example, is by no means leading a niche existence, but has even moved ahead of macOS, but does not yet come close to Windows – I would not have expected that.


Exciting results of a survey that the StackOverflow platform received there. More than 70,000 people took part in the survey, which wanted to know what developers use and where they are involved. The question of which operating system is used for development shows a clear result: Windows is still the most popular platform.

Operating System for developers

What surprised me, however, was that Linux is now used as a platform by around 40% of developers. If you add the 15% of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), you get around 55%. This even exceeds the value of almost 49% for the Windows platform in the professional sector. Even for personal use, Windows with 62% and Linux with 40% are not that far apart. This has already prompted Justin Garrison here to proclaim the "Year of the Linux Desktop" – although I don't see it that way yet. But it is exciting to see how the StackOverflow developer community is doing. Justin Garrison has compiled the values over the past years:

  • 2018: 23.2 %
  • 2019: 25.6 %
  • 2020: 26.6 %
  • 2021: 25.3 %
  • 2022: 40.23 %

However, I can't really explain the above numbers because there was a slight drop in 2021, then a real jump of 15% in Linux in 2022. It may be related to the fact that many developers are using Linux in VMs on macOS and Windows and are increasingly relying on WSL and Docker containers. Also in the gaming sector, more than 1 million users were counted on Linux platform Steam Deck. Deck verbucht werden.

However, the 2022 survey looks at more than the operating system used by developers. For cloud, the percentage of AWS users is 51%, while for programming languages, 65.36% of StackOverflow participants work with JavaScript. node.js is used by 47.12% of developers as a web framework, while the .NET Framework is the undisputed leader in other frameworks and libraries with 34.55%. Visual Studio Code is used as the development system by 74.48% of people. Interesting for me is that Zoom and Microsoft Teams are often mentioned as collaboration tools with about 56%, followed by Slack with 53%. And as a programming language, meanwhile, Rust is now at the top, used by almost 87% of developers. All the results of the survey can be viewed here.


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