Edge 109.0.1518.69

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated the Edge browser in the stable channel to version 109.0.1518.69 on January 25, 2023 (thanks to the reader for the tip). Microsoft did not reveal too much about this maintenance update.


It is a maintenance update, which should fix various bugs and performance problems according to the release notes. Microsoft has not considered the note given here on January 24, 2023 in this version:

Microsoft is aware of the recent Chromium security fixes. We are actively working on releasing a security fix.

The above note probably refers to the Chrome patch I mentioned in the post Google Chrome Version 109.0.5414.119/.120 and 108.0.5359.215.

Is the PWA bug fixed?

Did this Edge version create a shortcut link on the desktop again? German blog reader Tom reported in this comment:

Under the VIVALDI browser, Chromium has been updated to version 109.0.5414.119. The EDGE browser actually managed to update itself without creating a (new) link on the desktop – well done!

Can the desktop shortcut issue be confirmed?

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2 Responses to Edge 109.0.1518.69

  1. EP says:

    MS Edge business download page recently mentions 109.0.1518.70 afternoon of Jan. 26 instead of 109.0.1518.69:

    sometime on Fri. Jan. 27, MS update catalog site will mention MS Edge 109.0.1518.70

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