Windows: Unified Update Platform will get active end of March 2023, prepare WSUS

Windows[English]Starting March 28, 2023, Microsoft will arm its Unified Update Platform (UUP) after a lengthy preview period for Windows 11 version 22H2. This is intended to bring the power of Windows Update and Windows Update for Business to on-premises Windows clients. Microsoft promises to simplify update deployment via WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) or Microsoft Configuration Manager. Here is some information on the topic.


Several hints

I got an e-mail from a blog reader wo notified me (thanks for that) about the "soon availability" of UUP on premise via WSUS and Configuration Manager. He mentioned, that there is also a preview for this avalable already since October 2022:

The onboarding guide for the preview is from October 2022. In parallel, I came across the following reference on

UUP on premises updates coming in March
To: PatchManagement

Get ready for the first UUP on premises updates coming in March!

Windows UUP updates launches March 28, 2023

In the article Get ready for the first UUP on premises updates coming in March, Microsoft announced on February 9, 2023 that the distribution of updates via its Unified Update Platform (UUP) will be armed on March 28, 2023. This is intended to deliver faster and smaller updates to on-premises update systems as well.

As of this date, on-premises Windows 11 version 22H2 devices will receive quality updates via the Unified Update Platform (UUP). UUP works on-premises with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Microsoft Configuration Manager. The greatly improved standard functionality includes a comprehensive first download to distribution points to set the stage for small and simple updates.

UUP distribution, source: Microsoft


Microsoft recommends administrators get ready until March. This is because UUP will become the standard and only way to download quality updates. With the March 28, 2023 update, an additional 10GB download should be scheduled on distribution points (WSUS, SCCM, see above image, not endpoint clients). This is a one-time 10GB download for updates to Windows 11, version 22H2 per architecture (AMD64 and ARM64).

After this initial download to the distribution points, the download size for future updates for Windows 11, version 22H2 will be the same as the update size in the past. By introducing UUP support on the distribution points and clients, Microsoft is promising fundamental improvements that have been made across multiple releases. These improvements are now available to organizations with on-premises UUP update management. Enterprises are expected to benefit from faster and smaller quality and feature updates, less memory and storage consumption, and fewer reboots. Microsoft cites the following improvements through UUP:

  • Up to 30% smaller client downloads for quality updates
  • Cumulative update integration with feature updates (i.e. with one reboot you are up to date)
  • Seamless retention of installed language packs and optional features (FOD) with feature updates
  • Reduced client downloads during feature updates (i.e., inbox app downloads are conditional)
  • Automatic healing of the operating system during the update process
    End-user purchase of language packs and FOD

These features were not previously available in WSUS, according to Microsoft. Previously, administrators had to use separate solutions for this. In the blog post Get ready for the first UUP on premises updates coming in March! Microsoft provides further guidance on the topic. UUP is supported by every WSUS version still in support as well as by Configuration Manager, version 2203 and higher.

Diese Funktionen waren laut Microsoft bisher in WSUS nicht verfügbar. Bisher mussten Administratoren hierzu separate Lösungen verwenden. Im Blog-Beitrag  gibt Microsoft weitere Hinweise zum Thema. UUP wird von jeder noch im Support befindlichen WSUS-Versionen sowie vom Configuration Manager, Version 2203 und höher unterstützt.

Addendum: Plan your WSUS deployment has been published on March 13, 2023.

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