Fix for connection issues with Microsoft 365 apps (March 2023)

[English]In February 2023, I had a poll on the blog regarding connection issues with Microsoft 365 applications. Some administrators had responded with confirmations. Now an administrator has contacted me on the blog, and posted a solution that works for him, which I am adding as an addendum.


Reports about of connection isseus

German blog reader Liam had emailed me about his connection problems with Office applications from Microsoft 365 (see the blog post Connection issues with Microsoft 365 applications? (Feb. 2023)). Users from his customers run into the problem, that they sometimes have to log in again every morning in all applications (Office, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.). The issue occurred with serveral customers, regardless of a business or school account, or an account synchronized with Azur Active Directory (AAD).

I then received some feedback on Facebook confirming this error pattern. Another note referred to this being a known issue with FSLogix 2210 (2.9.8361.52326) – Microsoft had written something in the support post Azure AD Authentication for Applications. This has been fixed by an update in the meantime (see Microsofts FSLogix: Hotfix 1 (2.9.8440.42104) released for buggy v2210).

This is how the problem was solved

Liam has contacted us again with a separate comment, because after a lot of testing he thinks he has found a stable solution for his customers for these connection problems. To this he wrote:

Hi alle,

[…] after many tests and trials I have found the most stable solution for us at the moment. I would say 85-95% of our customers (I estimate around 50-60 office logins) are now experiencing no connection issues.

As a workaround to clean up the connection issues that occurred, he did the following steps on the affected systems.

  • Log off all applications (Word, Excel, OneDrive,Teams, etc.).
  • Disconnect business and school account in Windows 10/11 Settings if available.
  • Reboot the Windows system
  • Start Word/Excel and perform a logon there

There, the OK option should be selected, which will then automatically add the account as a business and school account. Do not select the option "only with this app" to log in. If an error message appears when connecting to the business and school account, tray connecting via the settings in Windows 10/11.


After the first connection, Windows should be restarted again. Liam writes that all applications should then connect to the Microsoft services. Sometimes you have to click on Log in again for OneDrive. After that, OneDrive should also connect automatically in the future.

However, this procedure only applies to the "main accounts," Liam writes. If there is an additional mailbox in Outlook, then in the step with the renewed login, select the variant "Not only log in to this app". As Liam says: Hope it helps your customers as it does ours. At this point my thanks for the feedback.

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