Windows 11 22H2 Defender causes "Local Security Authority protection is off" warning

Windows[German]Windows 111 22H2 users are annoyed since months by a Defender warning "Local Security Authority protection is off". It seems that it correspondents with Windows Defender update KB5007651. Some registry entries  allow to remove that warning/malfunction.


Some user reports

I received a first report on March 16,  2023 from an annoyed user of Windows 11 22H2. He reported, that the got a warning, that "Local Security Authority protection is off", after he received the latest Defender security update KB5007651.

I still remembered several posts within the internet – for instance the Microsoft Answers forum post Windows Security Bug – Local Security Authority Protection Not Registering a System Restart from January 15, 2023, where a user wrote:

After I uninstalled Avira Antimalware, I got an alert from Windows Security that my Local Security Authority Protection was turned off. But after I turned it on and restarted as instructed, I continue to get the same alert that my Local Security Authority Protection is turned off, even though within the same window, the toggle switch under the "Local Security Authority Protection" heading displays that it's already turned on.

There is a 2nd post Device Security – Local Security Authority Protection is off. Your device may be vulnerable. from March 15, 2023 at Microsoft Answers forum, reporting this incident too. My German reader has mentioned numerous hits at like here (with video and confimations), as well as here, here and here).

Core isolation and Defender update KB5007651

I remembered in this context a German post "Schutz durch lokalen Sicherheit Autorität" – Probleme durch die KB5007651 in Windows 11 22H2 by deskmodder colleagues from late February 2023. KB5007651 is the cyclically rolled out update for the Windows Security Platform. And this update seems to cause trouble for some Windows 11 22H2 users for months. At it says:

Local Security Authority Protection is disabled. Your device may be vulnerable".

I hadn't picked that up here in my blog, because the post referred to Insider Previews of Windows 11, which I almost never address here on the blog. It is reported, that Microsoft ships an update, that fixes this behavior. A quick workaround to overcome this warning is to go in the registry editor to the key:



and add/set the following two DWORD values (32-bit) RunAsPPL and RunAsPPLBoot to 2. If a value is missing, add it. After that it should probably work again – although I have hints that it doesn't help with all users. And this may have side effects, see the entry within this Microsoft article.

At this point I'm asking, what's wrong at Microsoft, because we have had a continous stream of Defender related issues within the last months.

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