Is Microsoft Defender killing applications like Outlook again? (Feb 3, 2023)

Stop - Pixabay[German]Quick question to the round of administrators and users who use Microsoft Defender as a security solution in Windows. As of today, February 3, 2023, have there been any problems with applications such as Microsoft Outlook or do Office applications suddenly crash when selecting various features such as Quick Select? A reader confronted me with an observation that could indicate problems with a Defender update.


German blog reader Mirko C. contacted me by mail about today, February 3, 2023, around early afternoon and asked if I was aware of any problems with Microsoft Defender. In his corporate environment there are suddenly massive problems with Office applications. To this Mirko writes:

Hello Mr. Born,

are there problems with the Defender signatures again?

Since 10:40 am our Defender in the E3 plan reports for several users

Blocked app or process: OUTLOOK.EXE

Blocked by: Reducing the attack surface

Rule: Block executable content from email client and webmail

Affected items: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\IntResource.dll

This warning came out of nowhere, without an active mail inbox and without opening any mail.

Since the last ASR problem, which by the way caused far more problems than just deleted shortcuts, I have become very suspicious of Defender.

Since then, all of our add-ins no longer work and some of our Office programs crash when using the autocorrect quick selection.

A user left me a comment on Facebook that both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel often hang on Windows 11. However, there are no further details. Is there anyone who has observed something similar? The mentioned ASR problem is described in the post Microsoft Defender update/ASR deletes desktop shortcuts, taskbar broken, Office apps don't start anymore.

Gibt es jemanden, der ähnliches beobachtet hat? Das erwähnte ASR-Problem ist im Beitrag Microsoft ASR/Defender-Update löscht Desktop-Shortcuts, Taskleiste kaputt, Office-Apps starten nicht mehr beschrieben.

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