FSLogix blocks OneDrive synchronization in virtual machines

[German]Brief note for administrators who use FSLogix in the company on the one hand, but virtualize Windows instances on the other. In this combination, synchronization problems with OneDrive may occur. An error "FSLogix_unsupported_environment" is then reported. Microsoft confirmed this in a support post at the end of April 2023.


I came across the issue via the following tweet from Carl Stalhod, which Microsoft has documented as of April 30, 2023 in the support post FSLogix_unsupported_environment" and OneDrive sync error on virtual machines.

OneDrive sync error in VMs due to FSLogix

According to the support post, FSLogix can cause the following error message to be displayed during OneDrive synchronization in a virtual machine.

OneDrive can't sync
Contact your system administrator for help.
Error code: FSLogix_unsupported_environment

This issue occurs because the OneDrive synchronization client is blocked on virtual machines that use FSLogix versions older than FSLogix 2009 Hotfix 1. These earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft. To resolve the issue, download and install the latest version of FSLogix on all virtual machines that use the OneDrive sync client.

Administrators can use the FSLogix Version Validation script to check the version of FSLogix on virtual machines running in their environment. Details can be found in the support article.


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