Edge 115.0.1901.200 and 114.0.1823.106 fixes vulnerabilities

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated the Edge browser to versions 115.0.1901.200 and 114.0.1823.106 as of August 7, 2023, July 17. In addition to fixing bugs and performance issues, Chrome vulnerabilities and Edge vulnerability CVE-2023-38157 have been fixed in both versions (thanks to 1ST1 for pointing this out).


The security release notes for both browsers state that Security Feature Bypass vulnerability CVE-2023-38157 has been fixed. In addition, the Chrome vulnerabilities fixed in Google Chrome 115.0.5790.170/.171 have also been fixed.

The release notes for Edge 115.0.1901.200 and Edge 114.0.1823.106 also state that various bugs and performance issues have been fixed. For the Edge 114.0.1823.106, it also states that it is a feature update that rolls out a new policy for the browser essentials:

New policy for Browser essentials. Browser essentials help you gain additional insights about the health of your browser. It lets you stay informed about your browser's performance and security with a single, intuitive view that provides helpful suggestions for performance optimization and browser protection. The PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton policy lets Admins configure whether to pin the Browser essentials button on the toolbar.oll.

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