Windows 10: Updates KB5028244 and KB5029244 causes ClickOnce install issues with apps

Windows[German]Microsoft has confirmed a bug that was already distributed with the July 2023 preview update KB5028244 on Windows 10 22H2 and is also included in successor updates. Applications installed via ClickOnce prompts the user to reinstall them every time they are launched. Currently, Microsoft only provides a solution in the form of a Known Issues Rollback – or as a workaround, the request to uninstall and then reinstall the app.


Windows 10 Updates KB5028244 and KB5029244

The optional preview update KB5028244 was released on July 25, 2023 for Windows 10 22H2 and is supposed to fix numerous bugs mentioned in the blog post Windows 10 22H2 Preview Update KB5028244 (July 25, 2023). Those who did not install this optional preview update were served its fixes on August 8, 2023 with the cumulative security update KB5029244 on Patchday (see Windows 10 22H2 Preview Update KB5028244 (July 25, 2023)).

Issues with ClickOnce Apps

Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed another known issue in the Known Issues for update KB5029244. The entry describes the bug as follows:

After installing this update, applications that you deployed with ClickOnce may prompt you to install them, even if the ClickOnce applications are already installed and marked as "trusted".

At the same time, Microsoft has posted the entry Eintrag Apps deployed via ClickOnce might prompt for installation when opened in the Known Issues section of the Windows 10 Health Dashboard as of August 14, 2023. There, it is confirmed that the above bug already occurs with the optional preview update KB5028244 for Windows 10 22H2 from July 25, 2023 and also affects the subsequent updates. Windows 10 21H2 – 22H2 are specified as affected.

ClickOnce is a deployment technology from Microsoft that can be used to create Windows applications that can be updated independently over the Internet and installed and run with minimal user interaction.

Workaround and KIR Fix

To temporarily work around the problem, Microsoft suggests uninstalling the affected ClickOnce application and then reinstalling it. In the meantime, however, Microsoft has provided a solution via Known Issue Rollback (KIR). On unmanaged systems for home users and small businesses, this solution is automatically rolled out within 24 hours. Restarting the Windows device can help to apply the solution to the device faster.

For managed Windows 10 systems in enterprises where one of the affected updates has been installed and where this issue occurs, the administrator can fix the bug by installing and configuring a special (KIR) Group Policy. The special group policy can be found after installation under Computer configuration -> Administrative templates -> <name of group policy>. The required group policy can be downloaded from the following link:


Download for Windows 10, version 22H2; Windows 10, version 21H2 – Windows 10 20H2, 21H1, 21H2 and 22H2 KB5028244 230814_03351 Known Issue Rollback

The policy in question must then be installed and applied. Corresponding information can be found in the support article How to use Group Policy to deploy a Known Issue Rollback. Was anyone affected by this bug? (via)

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  1. Kang Te says:

    I have problem on internet connection which internet will disconnected automatically along with time but specific address working normally. But after update to KB5029244 problem fixed. I don't know what update on this build.

  2. Martin says:

    Epson printers now experience I/O communication errors when using Status monitor. This also affects apps designed to communicate with and resolve printer issues such as waste ink counters.

    There are also some reports of issues with scan to PC functionality on Epson printers.

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