Firefox 116.0.3 released with bug fix – problems with Copy&Paste?

Mozilla[German]A couple of weeks ago, Mozilla's developers has released Firefox version 116.0.0 und then version 116.0.1 on August 7, 2023. On August 16, 2023, version 116.0.3 was added as a new bug fix update. However, I have received a report that there were problems with the copy & paste function of the clipboard with this version – similar to the last WhatsApp update.


The release notes says the following bugs has been fixed:

  • Fixed an issue for OPFS users (especially those using the Adobe Photoshop) that broke access to files that were locally cached in a previous version. (bug 1847989bug 1847619)
  • Fixed an issue that was breaking screensharing for some users on Wayland. ()
  • Fixed an issue where a fullscreen notification was persistently being shown to a user, even after disabling it. (bug 1847901)
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox would hang when doing a Google search. (bug 1847066)

The following bug was not fixed:

A few photoshop users might still encounter issues loading old files which is expected to be resolved in bug 1848916.

Blog reader Ralf M. contacted me by mail and reported that copy & paste no longer works for him in Firefox..

Ralf referred me to this thread, which was started more than a year ago and is about the topic Can't copy and paste from M365 into Whatsapp Web or Desktop (Mac) anymore? Would be "water under the bridge" – but Ralf wrote "2 updates that don't seem to work together. Firefox was updated and WA got an update too." In the thread you can now find new posts from August 17, 2023:

#1: Can't paste anything on Web whatsapp #Firefox
As of now: 17 Aug 2023 Thu 11.48.37 AM

#2: Same here. I am guessing a recent update?
I can copy and paste within the WhatsApp web tab though.

#3: Same here.
Win10, FireFox 116.0.2

#4: Same here…this workaround with "type clipboard" worked for me:

The workaround in the form of the free store app Type Clipboard is described here. Anyone else affected by this bug?


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  1. Antonio Francisco Vanucchi says:

    Hi Günter:
    Suddenly I noticed this nasty behavior, the same issues, unfortunately!!!

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