Firefox 117, 115.2 ESR, 102.15 ESR

MozillaAs of August 29, 2023, the Mozilla developers have released the new Firefox 117 as well as the maintenance updates of Firefox 115.2 ESR and Firefox 102.14 ESR. With the updates, some vulnerabilities have been closed. Here is a brief overview of the updates in question, including the fixes and the new features.


Firefox 117

Firefox 117 is a new development branch that has the following new features according to the release notes.

  • Support for credit card autofill has been extended to users who use Firefox in the IT, ES, AT, BE, and PL locales.
  • mmacOS users can now control tabbing of controls and links via about:preferences.
  • Screenshot of the new macOS tabability option in about:preferences.

To avoid unwanted results on websites that set their own behavior when pressing shift+right-click, Firefox now has a dom.event.contextmenu.shift_suppresses_event setting to prevent the context menu from appearing.

But there is also a bug fix:

YouTube video lists now scroll correctly when navigating with a screen reader.

As well as the following change:

Firefox no longer displays its own screen share indicator on Wayland desktop environments. Instead, it uses the system's default sharing indicator.

Several vulnerabilities rated as High have been closed in Firefox 117 (see here). Notes for Enterprise users are available here. Firefox should update itself automatically, but can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (choose the variant from the list boxes shown).


Firefox 115.2 ESR

This is a maintenance update for Firefox. According to the release notes, Firefox 115.2 ESR0 fixes the vulnerabilities described here.

Firefox 102.15 ESR

There was also a maintenance update of Firefox 102.15, which also fixes these vulnerabilities.

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