iOS 17: Checks if the location settings have been changed

If you have an iPhone that has been updated to iOS 17, you should check the settings after the update. It could be that the location tracking settings have been changed and a disabled location tracking has been turned back on.


I came across the issue via the following tweet, where someone writes that iOS 17 turns back on the sensitive location options shown below.

iOS Settings

The tweet states, "Significant locations remain local to the iPhone, but can be abused as they record detailed information about the locations frequently visited by the user. iPhone analytics, on the other hand, are shared with Apple. When location information is included in these analytics reports, it can have privacy implications for the user, even if the user is not identified in the reports. Security experts have always advised disabling these two options.

Go to the Settings app, go to Privacy and Security – Location Services – scroll down to System Services – find these two options (Significant Locations and iPhone Analytics) and turn them off.

However, many iOS 17 users state that the options were not changed during the upgrade. The assumption is that those affected had previously installed the beta versions of iOS 17 (where Feedback and Telemetry are enabled).


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