Annoying Microsoft query when exiting OneDrive (Nov. 2023)

[German]Another short story for the weekend that is currently making the rounds in the US media. Microsoft apparently annoyed Windows users by asking them why they wanted to quit OneDrive. Microsoft says it was just a test and has now removed this query. But it wasn't the "first test" with an annoying query.


I came across various reports about this on the web, The Verge posted the following tweet on X and then described more detail in this article. was probably the first to come across the issue or the OneDrive pop-up and addressed it in this article.

Windows tries to "persuade" the user to set up OneDrive and displays a corresponding dialog. However, the displayed dialog box can be closed and the OneDrive process running in the background can be terminated. Now writes that the Windows Settings app prompts users to activate the OneDrive backup if the user wants to change the Windows background. It's probably related to the "Back up your Pictures folder to automatically save your wallpaper" approach. The file explorer then shows a flashing backup button in user folders.

It is unclear to me which Windows version was specifically involved. If you don't want to use OneDrive for backup, you will close the OneDrive window in question to set it up. In the current case, however, this leads to a menu appearing in the Quit OneDrive dialog box (see tweet above), in which Microsoft wants to know a reason why you want to quit OneDrive without backing up the folders. This ranges from "I don't want OneDrive to run all the time" to "I don't want to use OneDrive" to "I get some options displayed too often".

Normally, it would be understandable for Microsoft to "ask around"; the mere fact that users are regularly bombarded with annoying pop-ups means that people are annoyed. However, it's not worth thinking about at the moment, as Microsoft has already ended the campaign again. The Verge asked Microsoft and quotes the following answer:


Zwischen dem 1. und 8. November wurde einer kleinen Gruppe von OneDrive-Benutzern beim Schließen des OneDrive-Synchronisierungsclients ein Dialogfeld angezeigt, in dem sie um Feedback zu dem Grund gebeten wurden, aus dem sie die Anwendung geschlossen haben. Diese Art von Nutzerfeedback hilft uns, die Qualität unserer Produkte kontinuierlich zu verbessern.

I'll leave that without comment.

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