Microsoft declares Windows legacy console mode as deprecated

Windows[German]The list of discontinued Windows features that will be removed at some point is getting longer and longer. After Cortana and the WebDAV client were already declared as deprecated in November 2023, Microsoft also declared the speech recognition introduced in Windows Vista as "deprecated" at the beginning of December 2023. And now the legacy console mode under Windows has also been deprecated and will no longer be installed in future versions of Windows.


I came here across a note that Microsoft has classified Legacy Console Mode as deprecated on the Deprecated Windows Features page and will no longer update it. In future versions of Windows, Legacy Console Mode will be available as an optional feature on demand, but will no longer be installed by default.

What is Legacy Console Mode?

Legacy Console Mode is a compatibility tool designed to help users of older command line tools on Windows 10. This mode provides a solution for any command line tool that does not appear or run properly in the standard Windows 10 console, allowing the system to revert to an older version of the console hosting experience.

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