Operating system/Windows share (December 2023)

[German]I haven't reported about it for a while, but it's time to take a quick look at the figures for operating system distribution on the desktop and, in particular, Microsoft Windows distribution and distribution across all devices.


Operating system share all platforms

The website statcounter.com has published the market shares of various operating systems (desktop, mobile devices) here. Android accounts for 41.64% in December 2023, while Windows runs on 29.25% of systems. Apple can be satisfied with 17.71% for iOS and 6.57% for macOS. Linux has 1.54% market share.

statcounter operating system share Dec. 2023Operating system shares all platforms December 2023, source: statcounter

Desktop operating system share

For desktop systems, the website statcounter.com gives the market share of various operating systems as 72.79% for Windows and 16.35% for macOS, while Linux runs on 3.82% of systems. ChromeOS from Google accounts for 2.42% of desktop systems, while 4.61% of operating systems could not be identified.

statcounter desktop operating system share Dec. 2023(OS Market Share 12.2023)

The list of Windows operating system shares on the desktop then gives this picture: Windows 10 comes in at 67.46%, while Windows 11 comes in at 26.52%. Windows 7 still runs on 3.34% of systems, while Windows 8.1 barely plays a role at 1.66%. However, the following diagram also shows that the market shares for Windows 10 and Windows 11 have hardly changed since November 2023.

Windows market share 12.2023
Windows market share 12.2023


It is interesting to note that Windows 7's share has remained virtually unchanged since March 2023, i.e. the hard core of Windows 7 users has not moved. And Windows 11 is really struggling to gain significant market share. Windows 10 is probably still the workhorse on desktop systems and is likely to remain so in the coming months of 2024.

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