Microsoft 365 services collide with Google Chrome third-party cookie blockade

[German]Google has been blocking third-party cookies in Google Chrome since the beginning of 2024 – and Edge is also likely to be affected. However, this will lead to collisions with Microsoft 365 services such as Teams, which will then no longer function correctly. Administrators must take appropriate countermeasures so that users can continue to make full use of these Microsoft services.


I reported in the blog post Google Chrome 120.0.6099.199/200 that Google is starting to test the blocking of third-party cookies for 1% of users. To do this, Google is isolating web sessions in Chrome in a privacy sandbox to prevent hidden tracking of users. The blocking of third-party cookies will then be rolled out across the board in the second half of 2024. The Privacy Sandbox website contains details on the implementation.

Warnings from Microsoft in 2023

As I recall, I hadn't mentioned it in the blog, but German blogger Martin Geuß already pointed out in this post in December 2023 that users of Microsoft Teams would have to expect restrictions when using the Google Chrome browser from January 2024. Martin's report was based on a message in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center that pointed to problems in connection with Microsoft Teams.

Google already published this article in August 2022, which describes how administrators can use ADMX policies to allow third-party cookies for certain websites in Microsoft Edge and the Google Chrome browser so that Microsoft Teams works again without restrictions. In November 2023, Microsoft also published the article How to handle third-party cookie blocking in browser on the topic of Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) and blocking third-party cookies in browsers.

It will be stuck from January 2024

I have now come across the topic "From January 2024 there will be issues with Microsoft 365 services in Chrome" several times. The NHS warning Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft 365 suite, was already published on January 5, 2024, which specifically points out that from January 2024 (when Google activates the third-party cookie blockade in Chrome) Google Chrome users may experience functional restrictions when accessing Microsoft 365 services.

It mentions that users can use Microsoft 365 desktop applications to work around the issue while workarounds are being developed. The article also lists the impact scenarios documented by Microsoft for Microsoft 365 when accessed via the Google Chrome web browser.


Google has this support article as of January 23, 2023, and this article on cookie management in Chrome. When Microsoft will adapt its services in Microsoft 365 is currently open. The NHS writes here: Microsoft continues to work to address the potential impact … The timeline for fixing each feature may vary, and the list of impacts will be updated as work progresses.

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