Edge 121.0.2277.112 and 120.0.2210.175

Edge[German]Microsoft has released a security update of the Edge (Chromium) browser with version 121.0.2277.112 in the Stable Channel on February 8, 2024. The Extended Stable was updated to version 120.0.2210.175. These are bug fix and security updates, which are intended to close vulnerabilities. Thanks to the readers for their comments.


Edge 121.0.2277.112 / 120.0.2210.175

The release notes contain the note "Fixed various bugs and performance issues.". It is already the follow-up update to version 121.0.2277.110 from February 7, 2024. The update to version 120.0.2210.175 is available in the Extended Stable Channel.

In these security release notes, it is disclosed that the Microsoft developers have closed the vulnerabilities in the Chromium browser (CVE-2024-1284. I reported on the Chromium vulnerabilities in the article Google Chrome 121.0.6167.160/161 / 120.0.6099.283 with security fixes.

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