Citrix: License renewal currently not possible? VMware deprecates old web client

[German]Question for Citrix users: Has anyone tried to renew licenses in the last few days? I have received information that there are "currently" problems getting license renewals from Citrix. And another reader has informed me that VMware is discontinuing their web client.


Trouble buying Citrix licenses?

A few days ago, I reported in the blog post Massive price hike in license costs: Is Citrix now also copying the "Broadcom business approach"? that Citrix customers are being confronted with massive price hikes when requesting license extensions. There are indications that Citrix is copying the methods of VMware by Broadcom.

Now I received information from another blog reader who wanted to extend licenses for Citrix products in his company and asked distributors about this. The reader said: "We wanted to renew our Citrix licenses through our distributor. Unfortunately, Citrix seems to be having massive internal problems issuing or renewing new licenses. That means we'll have to see what happens on Monday. According to Citrix, the expiration date has probably been extended to 30.04.2024, but I don't believe it. The purchase and order have been confirmed, but there is still no sign of a license."

According to my information, distributors such as Cancom and German vendor Bechtle are having these issues. The customer then tried to order via Bechtle. After I've published the German edition of this article last weekend, I have received information from an unnamed reader who reports that the internal ordering process at Citrix has been massively disrupted and virtually non-existent since the end of February 2024. The service appears to have been outsourced to Asia. All renewals/new license purchases no longer seem possible for distributors. Only cloud-based solutions can still be procured, it was said.

The same applies to the consolidation of licenses/conversion of license models, according to this source. That doesn't sound really good, and the source said "even worse than Broadcom".

VMware Host Client in maintenance

Another blog reader has informed me that VMware has released the beta version of the new VMware Host Client at the beginning of April 2024. The announcement can be found in the post The Beta release of the new VMware Host Client is available. Customers who are registered in the vSphere Beta Program can access and download the new GUI for ESXi management.


At the same time, the old version of the Web Host Client has been put into maintenance mode, i.e. it will no longer be developed further. It had been announced for some time that this client would die (see this VMware article).

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