Microsoft Teams: Appointment/language bug and new/old problems with FSLogix in connection with Citrix/VDI

Teams[German]Today I'm posting another reader note about the old Microsoft Teams 1.7 client here on the blog, which has problems with the language. I had already discussed the problem here on the blog in February 2024 – nothing has changed. Furthermore, it is about the new Teams 2.x client, which causes various problems with FSLogix in companies with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the Microsoft and Citrix environment. Here is a brief review and a summary of what readers have told me about this.


A reader reported issues

Blog reader Mark W. contacted me by email this week with the subject line "Teams 1.7 bug dates and new Teams problems" because, as an administrator in a company, he is struggling badly with Microsoft Teams. It's about both the old Microsoft Teams 1.7 client and the new Teams 2.x client that is causing problems.

Review: The old Teams 1.7 client problem

Back in February 2024, a reader drew my attention to an issue that was keeping him very busy with administration. Mark wrote that the current Classic Teams seems to have a bug in the 32-bit version of the client. This affects Microsoft Outlook 2019 and Teams appointments as well as the language. Since the update from version 1.6 to 1.7, the Teams invitations on the blog reader's terminal server OS 2022 now appeared in English.

All attempts and tests to set the language for the GUI to German had no effect, according to the conclusion of the reader, who asked at the time whether I was aware of anything in this regard (I was not). I took up the topic in my blog post New Teams 2.0 client will be mandatory later – but some "chaos" and referred to sources where administrators reported the same problem. Microsoft then officially confirmed this problem, as I documented in the blog post..

The problem should be fixed?

I have received feedback on this bug from various readers (see this comment, for example) that the problem was fixed in mid-February 2024. Here the question to readers would be whether this can be confirmed – I had already checked off the topic due to the comment mentioned.

Problem with new Teams 2.1 client under VDI/Citrix

In his email, Mark also wrote that he would like to revisit the topic of the New Teams 2.1 client under VDI/Citrix. The current status is that Microsoft has not yet succeeded in providing an executable version for the Microsoft Teams 2.x client for end customers with its in-house profile product FSlogix in version FSLogix 2210 hotfix 3.


According to Mark, the problem has been known for months and he refers to the Microsoft support article Announcing general availability of FSLogix 2210 hotfix 3 (Page 4 – Microsoft Community Hub). Despite community and solution approaches (see  Teams 2.1 with FSLogix setup guide – Jeff Riechers Technical Site), the new MS Teams client with FSLogix does not work under Citrix, and Mark suspects the same with VM Horizon and OS 2022.

Fehlerdialog beim Teams 2.x-Aufruf

Mark wrote that the new Teams 2.1 client works in principle. However, as soon as the FSLogix service or the profile is started, the new Teams 2.x client can no longer be started. The above error message is then displayed.

I also addressed this topic in more detail in my blog post New Teams 2.0 client will be mandatory later – but some "chaos" I did not find a solution from the blog readership in the comments. Christian had merely pointed out in this German comment that it probably only affects profile containers. Those who use Citrix UPM (Citrix User Profile Manager, see also) are not affected.

Is there a known fix?

Mark wrote: "Perhaps you can post the issue again in your blog to all the long-suffering admins, in the hope that Microsoft FSLogix managers or someone who has contacts with FSLogix will read this and inform the responsible parties again." Mark states that he has already submitted a ticket to Microsoft. But as of April 24, 2024, he has not received a response, even after repeated requests.

German blog reader Christian got in touch and wrote that the new Teams works in the profile containers in the new Citrix LTSR 2402. However, these are the Citrix profile containers and not FSlogix.

MS Teams client: Always trouble?

In the German blog post Neuer Teams 2.0-Client hängt bei Virtual Desktops/Windows 365, I reported on known issues with the new Teams 2.0 client. I can't say ad-hoc whether the problem was addressed there. All in all, the Microsoft Teams client is a miserable tragedy. The only ray of hope is the fact that Microsoft has already postponed the mandatory switch from the old Teams 1.x client to the new Teams 2.x client from April 2024 to July 2024 and currently to July 2025 (see Teams 2.0: Deadline for switch extended by one year to July 1, 2025).

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