Windows Server 2019: Out-of-Band-Update KB5039705 released (May 23, 2024)

Windows[German]Microsoft has released the out-of-band update KB5039705 for Windows Server 2019 on May 23, 2024 (i.e. late yesterday evening in Europe). This special update was necessary because the cumulative update KB5037765 released on May 14, 2024 had to be withdrawn. The update triggered the installation error 0x800f0982 when installed on non-English speaking Windows Server 2019 instances. Here is some information about this problem and the special update KB5039705.


Out-of-Band Update KB5039705

The information about the out-of-band update KB5039705 reached me via the numerous reader comments in my German blog post Windows Server 2019: Update KB5037765 zurückgezogen (thanks for that). The cumulative update KB5039705 was deployed on May 23, 2024 for Windows Server 2019 (as well as Windows 10 2019 Enterprise LTSC and IoT Enterprise LTSC ) and raises the build to 17763.5830. As a fix, it is only noted:

This update fixes a known issue related to the English (USA) language pack. If it is not present on your device, the installation of KB5037765 may fail. The error code is 0x800f0982.

However, this problem may affect devices that have this language pack. In this case, the error code will be 0x80004005.

Microsoft also mentions that the SSU KB5037017 (Servicing Stack Updates) has been updated to build 17763.5695. Qualitative improvements are stated there. Microsoft is currently not aware of any problems with the update.

The problem with update KB5037765

With the cumulative update KB5037765 published on May 14, 2024, the installation on non-English-speaking Windows Server 2019 instances triggered the installation error 0x800f0982. The reason for this was that the language pack en-us, which was required for installation, was missing. Systems that contained the language pack usually allowed the installation of update KB5037765. Microsoft then withdrew the security update from May 14, 2024.

User feedback about Update KB5039705

Numerous readers have already responded to the German blog post Windows Server 2019: Update KB5037765 zurückgezogen with information about the OOB update. Robert Glöckler got in touch very early in this comment and reported that the 2024-05 Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2019 for x64-based Systems (KB5039705) had been released.

Robert notes that the update is "unfortunately also required for the systems that he had already patched with the first CU in a roundabout way". According to my interpretation, this is due to the fact that the security update from May 14, 2024 can trigger the error code 0x80004005 if the language pack en-us is present on the system.


The update KB5039705 should be displayed on the WSUS during synchronization (see screenshot) and can then be installed on non-English-speaking systems. The faulty update KB5037765 from May 14, 2024 should be displayed as "superseded" on the WSUS.

Out-of-Band update KB5039705 on WSUS

In diesem Kommentar gibt es eine erste Bestätigung, dass das Update ohne Fehlermeldung installiert werden konnte. Ein weiterer Nutzer merkt hier an, dass die

In this German comment, there is an initial confirmation that the update could be installed without an error message. Another user notes here that the installation (in contrast to the faulty update from May 14) was surprisingly fast. This user has not yet restarted Windows Server 2019.

However, German user Fritz has reported here that two servers have failed again with the error 0x800f0985. In the comments, I received for my German blog post, some users reported, that on systems with update KB5037765 installed, the oob update fails with error 0x800f0985 and 0x800f0986. The latter error code indicates broken system files.

Update also for Windows 10 2019 Enterprise

Update KB5039705 mentioned is also offered for my Windows 10 2019 IOT Enterprise LTSC, although the KB5037765 update has already been installed. Microsoft seems to be proactively rolling out the update here to eliminate the potential installation error 0x80004005 caused by the old update KB5037765. However, I have not yet run the installation – I will do so in a moment and will report whether there were any problems.

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