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Has PayPal closed secretly a Google Pay vulnerability?

[German]According to reports, PayPal has probably secretly closed the vulnerability that allowed unauthorized debits via Google Pay some weeks ago. However, there are new unauthorized debits from Russia. Advertising

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The ‘nasty’ sides of the PayPal Fraud

[German]I would like to take up again the story about the illegally charged PayPal accounts of German users. Because more and more details about this fraud are coming into light. Advertising

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News about unauthorized PayPal/Google Pay debits

[German] some German (and Russian) Paypal users suffer from unauthorized debits for purchases at US branches of Starbucks and Target. This morning it looked as if dispute cases of affected parties are rejected. Now I have an answer from the … Continue reading

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Does PayPal fail with security? Vulnerabilities unfixed

[German]Disturbing story just came to me from security analysts. The provider PayPal has had (and still has) vulnerabilities in its system for a month, which were reported in January 2020, but have not yet been fixed. Hackers can abuse them … Continue reading

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Mass newsletter spam and the Paypal account hack

[German]Today a security issue, which was brought to me by a blog reader. A user was spammed with newsletter subscriptions. And at the end of the day it turned out to be a hack of his PayPal account. Advertising

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