Windows 10: Can’t change settings in Task Scheduler

[German]Today I will discuss a curious behavior in Windows 10 Task Scheduler. A German blog reader (Olaf E.) has pointed me a couple of weeks ago to this issue. It not possible, to change settings for predefined Microsoft tasks.


What’s the problem with Task Scheduler?

Olaf E came across this issue, after he intended to change some triggers for Windows Update related tasks in Windows Task Scheduler. His attempt, to enter the settings tabs of a predefined Windows Update task, change something and leave the property windows ends either with an error dialog or with a MMC crash. To reproduce this behavior, try the following steps.

1.  Launch Windows 10 Task Scheduler via taskbar’s search box. Then the Task Scheduler’s windows should be visible (see below, I used a German Windows 10 for screenshot).


2. Navigate within the left pane to Task Scheduler Library–> Microsoft –> Windows –> Windows Update.

Aufgabenplanung: Eigenschaften einer Task


3. Now all Tasks entries visible within the screenshot above are visible. Double click an entry to open the Task’s property page.

The try to leave the property page via OK button. Task Scheduler will show an error dialog box, informing you, that the Task Scheduler service is not running.

You can close this window, using the OK button. Then you will land at the Task Scheduler’s property page. In best case you can use the Cancel button to leave the property windows – but this means, you are not able to change any settings for the Task. Olaf E. wrote, that he have had cases, where MMC crashed. I did not observed those crashes, but I got the error dialog shown above. Currently I have no explanation for this behavior.


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