HP Elite x3 – end of life?

Windows 10 Phone[German]Hewlett Packard is still selling the HP Elite x3, a Windows 10 based higher end smartphone. But it seems this product is a kind of 'lame duck' or 'dead horse', because it has reached end of life – just one year after HP introduced this smartphone in Spring 2016.


No parts to repair this phone

If somebody owns a HP Elite x3 smartphone, he should take care about it like an egg. Because, something is broken (for instance the display), there are no more parts available for repair. So the HP Elite x3 is a kind of EEP (expensive electronics waste).

HP's external forum expert Michael Bormann pointed me a few days ago to a German HP forum post (deleted). A user broke the display of his Elite x3 and he asked within the HP forum, where to get repair parts. After searching internal data bases, Michael Bormann came back with a bad news: HP doesn't produce the Elite X3 anymore.

(Source: HP)

So repair parts are out of stock. The life time (for sales) of this gadget has be just one year (from the point of reparability). I've had published a German blog post about that a few days ago.

Addendum: Stop of sale at November 1, 2017?

Today I stumbled upon this MSPU post mentions the 'end of life' of the HP Elite x3, because HP has set to end sales of the HP Elite x3 on the 1st November 2017. They cited this German post from site windowsunited.de. Well, it confirms my earlier posting that the HP Elite x3 is dead due to missing parts to repair a broken device. So buying such a phone, is similar to throwing money out of the window.


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4 Responses to HP Elite x3 – end of life?

  1. krzemien says:

    Is it even legal? I thought manufacturers are obliged to keep spare parts in stock for some time for the useful lifespan of the equipment (and not just until warranty expires – which would not seem to be the case here either?)

    • guenni says:

      I've seen cases, where some devices run out of stock and no replacement parts has been available (at Apple and other Microsoft phones). In those cases the vendor offered a compensation or another devices (distinct model), if the faulty device was a case for guarantee. But a broken display is the user's fault – and there are many third party gadgets, where vendors never offering reapair parts.

  2. krzemien says:

    There you go guys:


    Also, as per one comment below the article:

    The UK Sales of Goods act states that the device must be fit for purpose, free of defects and supported (6 Years in England and Wales and 5 in Scotland).

    Might be another dent in HP's pocket.

  3. Curtis Ow says:

    MY screen cracked.. twice.. it is a very fragile screen (I havn't replaced it at all). There is a replacement screen being sold on aliexpress.com for the hp elite x3.. for $80 u.s. I hope it's not made by HP and I hope its a better quality (more rugged) then the one HP put in that phone.. Also there are no good phone cases to protect this phone. I had in the HP case but it still broke when it fell because that case is not very protective. It needs the otterbox. But not available for that phone. I don't even know if ill ever fix it.. maybe I should try to sell it on ebay.

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