WikiLeaks reveals CIA Windows Spyware Framework Athena

[German]WikiLeaks has leaked new documents in the Vault 7 series. These documents details some new CIA spyware framework, called Athena. 


WikiLeaks claimed it received the material from hackers and CIA insiders. The new material (user manual, demo, overview) shows, that the Spyware Framework addresses Windows from XP up to Windows 10. As reported, the documents are dated between September 2015 and February 2016 (after the release of Windows 10).

According to WikiLeaks' documents, the spyware was created by the CIA, with help from a private New Hampshire-based cybersecurity firm called Siege Technologies. The tools allows attackers to completely hijack computers, steal data and send it to CIA severs, delete data and upload malicious software. Further details may be read here and here.

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