Windows 10 V1703: IBM Notes 9.0.1 BSOD Patch announced

Users of IBM Notes 9.0.1 are facing issues after upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703). Notes is crashing with a blue screen of dead (BSOD) on some system. It seems, that Microsoft will release a patch till end of June 2017.


Some Background details

Some users of IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP7/FP8 reporting crashes under Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703). I've blogged about hat within my blog post Windows 10 V1703: Blue screen issues with IBM Notes 9.0.1 (a German user has mentioned that issues within this Microsoft Answers forum).

ome of our customers are facing system crashing after installing Windows 10 Pro Creators Update (Version 1703). The issues occur during opening IBM Notes data bases with IBM Notes Standard or Basic Client version 9.0.1 FP7 or FP8.

IBM recommends a rollback to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. They also recommend to create a support case at Microsoft.

But not all users are affected. Some comments I received for my German blog post are negating issues. But there has been this forum thread, where other users are confirming crashes.

One reader of my blog pointed out in a comment, that the issue occurs, if the Notes home pages has been customized (see also this forum thread). Beside the uninstall Windows 10 V1703 recommendation, a user proposed to start IBM Notes with parameter -sa  in Basic mode.

IBM says: Microsoft is preparing a fix

Lutz Geschinsky, who has posted this Microsoft Answers forum thread, received finally a feedback from IBM and published it on several places. Here is the IBM statement:

"Microsoft have indicated that this impacts in Win32kFull.sys. Microsoft will by the end of month,  have a fix available for this issue. The Win32kFull.sys is a multi-user driver file that belongs to Windows operating system and it is used to perform its tasks.
We presume if you un-install Windows 10 Creators Update 1703,  there would no longer be an issue with using Notes."

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