Windows 10 V1607: KB4034658 clears update history

On August 8, 2017, Microsoft has released cumulative update KB4034658 for Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update). This update may clear the whole update history.


I've blogged about this update within this blog post Windows 10: August 2017 Updates KB4038220, KB4034674, KB4034658, KB4034660. Shortly after I've released the corresponding German blog post, I received comments. My German readers mentions, that the update history in Windows 10 Version 1603 was empty after installing this update. Here is, what a German blog reader wrote:

… currently I've a reproducible update issue Windows 10 LTSB 2016 (Enterprise Edition, V 1607) – I guess it is caused from last patchday. On notebooks we don't use WSUS, we use Windows Update to pull updates.

[Till August patchday] Windows 10 update history shows all installed updates. Updates KB4035631, KB4034658  are reported as pending. We let Windows 10 install both updates. After restarting Windows 10, the Update history is empty – there is a message, that no updates has been installed.

We tried to let Windows 10 search for updates, but the a report came back, that Windows 10 is up to date. BTW, the log file:


lists all patches as successful installed after installing August 8, 2017 cumulative updates. But the last line within the log looks strange:

{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} 0 0 UpdateOrchestrator Success Software Synchronization Windows Update Client successfully detected 7 updates.

So what: not updates available, or seven updates detected.

Other German blog readers has confirmed this observation within additional comments. And I found also several forum posts here, here, here, here and an article at confirms this issue. As far as I read, only Windows 10 Version 1607 seems to be affected via cumulative Update KB4034658 (Windows 10 Version 1703 seems to be without this issue).

Some readers reported, that they haven't this issue. And some readers mentions, that the installed updates may be enlisted using the control panel Add/remove feature. I don't have an explanation yet, what went wrong.

Addendum: Microsoft has updated support article kb4034658 with the following text:

#1: For some users, their "Update History" does not list previously installed updates.


As an alternative, to see which quality updates have been applied, navigate to the inventory by going to Control Panel -> Programs -> "View Installed Updates"

#2: Some users may find that updates that were previously hidden may not be offered after installing this update.


Updates that were previously hidden can be hidden again.

Microsoft is investigating both issue and will provide an update as soon as possible.


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