Windows 7: KB4039884 fixes dual monitor rendering bug

win7[German]Microsoft has released update KB4039884 as a hotfix for Windows 7 on August 25, 2017 to solve the dual monitor rendering bug. Here are a few details.


The issue caused by Update KB4034664 and KB4034679

Microsoft's Update KB4034664 (and KB4034679) for Windows 7 and Windows Server is causing display issues with several applications on a second screen. I've seen issues with PDF viewer, Excel, Office 2013, JAVA and Irfanview. I was also able, to reproduce the issue in Visual Basic Editor in Word 2000 (see screenshot below).

Fehlende Icons nach Update KB4034664

Microsoft confirmed this issue, that occurs, if the 2nd screen has negative coordinates (like it is shown below).


I've blogged about this issue within my blog post Windows Update KB4034664 is causing trouble on 2nd screen and in more details within my German article Windows Update KB4034664 Anzeigeprobleme auf 2. Monitor. There are several workarounds to overcome this issue.


Update KB4039884 fixes this issue

Two and a half week after releasing the buggy patch, Microsoft attempts to fix this issue with another update. Woody Leonhard received an anonymous tip (see). Update KB4039884 released on August 25, 2017 for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack addresses an issue:

… where UI elements, including menu bars, are missing from Windows and Java applications running on computers with multiple monitors (multimon). The issue affects console and Remote Desktop logons when the main monitor is not in the top left area of the monitor layout in Control Panel. Applications may also stop responding or not work properly when moved between monitors.

This issue impacts the following releases:

Before you install this update, you must install KB4034664 or KB4034679, and then apply this update. Update KB4039884 is only available at Microsoft Update Catalog, so download and install this update manually.

Addendum: Known issues and side effects

User feedback within my German blog (see this comment) says, that after installing this update a new update search finds additional updates, dated from 2012 up to 2016. Also users at reporting the same issue. The screen shot below shows Windows Update with old updates (click image to zoom).


Note also the known issues mentioned for update KB4039884 (WordPad crashes, and the old, but still unfixed 'LDAP referral chasing can consume too many dynamic TCP ports'-bug).

Addendum 2: Final fixes available

Microsoft has released more updates that fixes the issue, see my blog post Fixes for Windows 7 SP1 Multi Monitor Bug.

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4 Responses to Windows 7: KB4039884 fixes dual monitor rendering bug

  1. Paul Vries says:

    This new patch (kb4039884) has already been removed by Microsoft.

    • guenni says:

      Yes, a German blog reader has mentioned it within a comment – haven't the time to verify and add the details. Thanks.

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