Windows Update Error 0x80070103

[German]Some Windows users are receiving an error code 0x80070103 during Windows Update. Then the update can't be installed. In Windows 10 this probably ends in an endless install loop.


What does error 0x80070103 means?

Error code 0x80070103 stands for ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS (No more data available). During update installation probably some entries are required, but they are missing. Unfortunately, this is a bit misleading.

Microsoft describes the root cause

Microsoft have has published a support article for Windows 7 detailing the root cause for this issue. They wrote:

If you see Windows Update Error 80070103 when installing updates, you may be trying to install a driver that is already installed on your computer or has a worse compatibility rating than an already installed driver.

They say, that Windows Update attempts to install an old driver. Unfortunately this support article has been pulled after the released Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Now the link points to a common FAQ.

A new KB article from Microsoft

I've published the original article years ago in German. During rewriting the text, I found a Microsoft support article Error 0x80070103 appears when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates. Microsoft, says: When you visit the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site to download the latest update for hardware drivers, and then you click install the updated driver, you may receive the following error message: 0x80070103. This issue occurs if the following scenarios are true:

  • Windows Update or Microsoft Update tries to install a driver a second time for an additional piece of identical hardware such as a graphics adapter.
  • Windows Update or Microsoft Update tries to update a currently installed driver to an unsuitable version of that driver.

To solve this issue, contact the device manufacturer for a newer driver. But if no newer driver is available, this issue can be safely ignored.


How to block a faulty driver update?

Unfortunately, the driver may be offered again by Windows Update in the future. So you need to block the faulty driver within Windows Update.

  • In Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 it's possible to block updates for installation within Windows Update dialogs. Microsoft has published the steps within this support article.
  • In Windows 10 this option is no more available, we have auto updates. Use my tips given within the blog post How to block Windows 10 updates to block the faulty update.

Searching the web confirms, that this error still occurs in Windows 10. But in some cases it's not sufficient to block the faulty driver update.

Some more hints to overcome the issue

If blocking the driver install doesn't help, try the following two approaches:

  • Go to the Device Manager, search for the device and open the driver properties page (double click on the device entry). Then try to check whether the driver can be updated manually on the Driver tab.
  • Uninstall the driver for the device in Device Manager and restart Windows. Then the driver will be reinstalled (hopefully) and the issues will be resolved.

Assure also, that your Windows files are not damaged (see blog post Check and repair Windows system files and component store). Perhaps this information will help some of the people affected.

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