Surface Pro 3: Boot issues with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16288/16362

[German]A short warning to owners of Surface Pro 3 who participate in the Windows 10 Insider Preview program. The last insider preview build prevents the device from booting. 


German blog reader Matthias N. informed me yesterday about an issue with his Surface Pro 3. He wrote:

The current insider builds 16288 (rs3_release) and 16362 (RS_PRERELEASE) cause a boot problem on Surface Pro 3 devices when they are shut down completely. I can only boot my surface with a Windows 10 USB boot stick and the Computer Repair Options – Startup repair. And that doesn't always work the first time… I thought it was just my device, but Michael Gillett posted it on Twitter today.

The whole history is available on this Twitter link. In a second mail, Matthias wrote:

I've done a rollback to the 16353, which luckily was possible without any problems. Now the device starts up again without any problems. To prevent the faulty build from being reinstalled, check the Windows Update Preferences:"Suspend updates". I hope a bug fixed build will appear in the course of the week..

Matthias points out to this Microsoft Answers forum thread, where the issues has been discussed.

Also Microsoft is aware of this issue, as Dona Sarkar told within a tweet.


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