Is KB4038777 killing Windows 7 activation on Dell systems?

win7 Maybe people who use Dell systems with Windows 7 Professional can say something about this. It seems that update KB4038777 destroys Windows 7 Professional activation on Dell systems.


Just one observation so far

I found the information only at – on the basis of a reader's tip – so far. Woody Leonhard writes that he was contacted by a reader. The reader said in an e-mail that:

saw your article regarding KB4038777. We are having an issue when this update is installed where it breaks the windows activation on Dell machines. Seems to be happening only to Dell Windows 7 Professional machines. Dell says to reimage, awaiting assistance from Microsoft. Still troubleshooting, currently no fix. Has anyone else pinged you on this?

The issues with the lost activation after installation of update KB4038777 (Monthly Rollup) exists only on DELL systems with Windows 7-Professional. Woody Leonhard concludes that the update KB4038777 probably removes the Dell OEM folder from the System32 directory. After restarting Windows, no valid license is found.

A Workaround

Dell suggests reinstalling the Windows 7 Professional from an OEM image. But there is another fix if you still have access to an unpatched DELL machine with Windows 7 Professional. The workaround is to replace the OEM folder with an intact copy from another computer. So copy the contents of the DELL folder under:


from a good machine to the affected machine. Then use the following command within an administrative command prompt window.


Slmgr /upk
Slmgr /ilc oem.xrm-ms
Slmgr /ato

Maybe it helps. Is there somebody who is affected?

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