Google Chrome 64: Security Fixes, Spectre Mitigation, Ad-Blocker

[German]Google developers released Google Chrome 64 for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows. The new version closes 53 security holes, includes protection against Spectre attacks and comes with an improved ad blocker.


Closing 53 security vulnerabilities

In two blog posts for Android and the Desktop (Linux, macOS, Windows) the developers discuss the fixes in Google Chrome 64.0.3282.119 (and 64.0.3282.123 for Android). A list of the fixes that are hard to read can be found here. The Release Notes contains a bit more details. But too much details are held back until the majority of users have switched to Chrome 64. The new Chrome included is a mitigation against Spectre attacks. Chrome 64 relies on JavaScript V8, where protection mechanisms have been implemented.

Improved ad blocker

In December 2017, Google's Chrome developers announced that they would block annoying ads in Google Chrome from February 15. Any advertising that does not comply with Better Ads standards should be filtered in the browser from this date. The following two animations show such ads.

(Source: Google)

The browser will remove all ads from sites that have "corrupted" status in the Ad Experience Report for more than 30 days. Google has published this blog post about this topic and more new features.

The new version should be automatically distributed via Google Chrome auto update. You can also download the Chrome browser manually from this website.


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