Is your browser vulnerable for cryptojacking?

[German]Question: Is the browser you are currently using vulnerable to to websites secretly abusing it for crypto mining? A test can provide more information.


One of the trends in cybercrime is that criminals infect websites and plugins and install crypto miners there. This allows the computing power of servers or clients to be used for their own purposes. Especially the so-called crypto jacking – using the browser of users surfing on a web site for crypto mining – is a growing problem..

Opera blocks such mining scripts in the latest versions of the browser. Other browser manufacturers want to follow soon. Martin Brinkmann points out in this article at that it is possible to check your browser for vulnerability to crypto-jacking.

Opera created the web site – just enter the URL into the browser's address line and run the test. If your browser is vulnerable, disable JavaScript on unknown web sites. Maybe an anti mining plugin or a security software will be also helpful to protect against mining scripts.

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One Response to Is your browser vulnerable for cryptojacking?

  1. Norio says:

    Thank you for the information!
    My copy of Vivaldi 1.13.1008.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit) is "protected" according to the diagnostic at

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