Windows 10 V1803: Remote Assistance connect

[German]A brief information for users of Windows 10 April update machines who have no Internet connection. It seems that there is a delay of 45 seconds when trying to establish an MSRA (MS Remote Assistance) connection.


The issue

I stumbled upon this issue at German site, but there is a Technet forum entry about that. It is about Remote Assistance connections via MSRA.exe. If the relevant machines with Windows 10 version 1803 do not have Internet access in the network, a 45-second delay (timeout) occurs during the connection attempt. The thread creator describes this as follows:

After upgrading the IT department to Win10 v1803, we notice that MSRA.exe has a problem.

Please note: this problem only surfaces on systems that have no internet access!

Until now, we used win10 v1709 and msra.exe worked normally, that is, if you click on an invitation file and enter the code, the person who requested help was asked whether he wanted to allow the helper access immediately.

With version 1803 however, after clicking on the invitation and entering the code, there is a delay of 45 seconds with the status "attempting to connect". Afterwards, everything works.

This is seen on clean systems as well and Microsoft will be able to reproduce this in seconds.

It happens no matter what target operating system the person you want to help is using, as long as the person who would like to offer help is using Win10 v1803. Build is 17134.81, x64, enterprise.

After starting MSRA.exe and clicking on the Invitation.mrsincident file with the invitation and entering the code to establish the connection, the message 'Attempting to connect' is shown for 45 seconds. According to the thread creator, the problem only occurs on Windows 10 version 1803, while Windows 10 version 1709 behaves as expected. After entering the code, the connection to the target system is established directly. Therefor the question: Can any of you confirm this?

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  1. Gyula Verne says:

    We experienced the same.

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