Does an update bricks the Surface Pro 3 Touchscreen?

[German]I just ask this as a question here: Do you have issues with your after a (firmware-) update of Surface Pro 3, in such a way that the touchscreen doesn't work anymore? 


I came across a comment here (German) on the subject. A user asks: '[Is there a firmware update]? for the Surface Pro 3, by any chance, to get my touch screen working again?' And after asking for details, this user gave the following answer:

… according to my IT department at work there seem to be several users on the net with the problem. has probably also published a news about it. I feel pretty screwed that a device that is almost 3 1/2 years old is probably rendered unusable by a forced update and I am forced to buy a new device. If the hardware has a defect, it is something else but a defect due to a firmware update is already bitter, especially with an in-house premium product…

That made me curious and I was searching the internet for further details. Since the release of the device, there have been users who reported a failed touch screen (no hardware damage). A German forum post can be found here and an English-language MS Answers post can be found here. A user describes the problem there:

Few weeks back i got some update for windows touch control was failed to install in my surface pro 3 and i got lot of problem afterwards.

first touch screen stopped responding i observed 1 bubble on my screen where my pointer hangs there. 

have followed steps after wards i got rebooting problem. it hangs on surface logo.

i have done all the 10 solutions given in MS surface web page.but still i have problem with my surface pro 3. finally i went for fresh windows installation now surface boot problem solved but still  i have touch screen problem. in device manage if i disable my touch screen driver (HID-compliant touch screen)  it works fine. if i enable it 2 bubbles coming on top side of the screen. Also note that i have yellow triangle warning in device manager for Surface Pro Touch Controller Firmware. Also windows start up little bit slow.

For your reference am attaching the photo of my surface pro 3 issues..

Sad to hear no authorised repair centre available in India. have to go for paid replacement as advised by surface customer support.

He has received an update and since that day there are problems with the touch screen. Resetting to factory settings did not help. Microsoft has published an article with problem solutions here, but it probably doesn't help. Anyone else with a Surface Pro 3 affected by this problem?

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  1. pizzed says:

    yes. immediately after 1903 update the top 1 inch of the touchscreen does not work. was working right up until i rebooted the surface pro 3 after the 1903 update said it needed to reboot, so not a hardware issue in my case def the update,.

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