Windows 10: Update error 0x80246010

[German]Does Windows 10 throw error code 0x80246010 during update installation and aborts this step? This article tries to give hints on how to fix the update error 0x80246010.


The error 0x80246010

Under Windows 10, when trying to install one of the cumulative updates or feature updates, the installation is aborted with error code 0x80246010. A typical description can be found in this Microsoft Answers forum post.

updating windows 10 v.1709 fails – error 0x80246010


I have the version 1607, my PC tries and tries to download the new version 1709 for weeks and fails every time to install it. The last error code I received is  0x80246010 but I had a few others.

I tried several things:

– emptying downloads

– windows troubleshooter (who fixed an update issue but no difference so far)

Has it sth to do with the fact that the version 1703 isn't installed on my PC?

The user has already unsuccessfully cleaned the Update Store download folder and has performed the update troubleshooting. The answer of the Microsoft Forum moderator (Microsoft Agent) marked as a solution isn't helpful at all. Also here the error as well as some (unsuccessful) repair attempts are brought up for discussion. In this thread, MVP colleague Andre da Costa recommends blocking the incorrect update.

What error code 0x80246010 stands for?

I did not find the error code 0x80246010 in the lists of error codes that are available to me. Within my blog post Windows 10: Update errors 0x8024xxxx detailed errors with the pattern 0x80246xxx are listed in the 'Download Manager Errors' group. So something went wrong with the communication between the download manager and the Microsoft update servers.

Plausible causes for this error

Within this German forum thread somebody wrote, that a root cause might be: Microsoft's servers are simply overloaded and at some point the Download Manager does not get any data or incomplete data. In this case the error should be fixed if you try the update again after a few hours.

Also 3rd party software (VPN, antivirus etc.) maybe disturb the Windows Update Download Manager. Within this Technet forum thread there is a reference to Dell Data Protection Enterprise Edition Shield/Dell Encryption Enterprise Shield or Personal Edition/Encryption Personal that can cause problems. However, Dell has now deleted the KB articles in question.


What else you can do

To avoid an overloaded Microsoft update server, you can download the non-installable update from the Microsoft Update Catalog and have it installed manually.

A feature update to a new Windows 10 build, which fails with error 0x80246010, can be installed via an ISO installation medium via an in-place upgrade. To do this, download the ISO installation file of the function update from Microsoft. This can be done e.g. via the Media Creation Tool. Then mount the ISO file while Windows 10 is running and start the Setup.exe. Then the feature update should be installed over the running Windows 10.

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