Windows Defender in a sandbox

Microsoft has added an additional security feature to the Windows Defender included in Windows 10. Defender can be run in a protected sandbox environment from Windows 10 V1703 onwards.


Some Background: Virus scanners like Windows Defender run with system rights. If there are vulnerabilities in these modules, malware can exploit them and do virtually anything with system rights. Microsoft regularly patches vulnerabilities found in Defender or in the Antimalware Engine. But isolating these components in a sandbox is helpful.

(Quelle: Pexels Markus Spiske CC0 Lizenz)

According to Microsoft, a new milestone has been reached with Windows Defender Antivirus. The integrated antivirus functions of Windows 10 can now be executed as the first complete antivirus solution in a sandbox. Microsoft introduced the new feature and more details on October 26, 2018 in the blog post Windows Defender Antivirus can now run in a sandbox.

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